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PRNewswire April 13, 2023

PARIS, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Automotive technology benchmarking leader A2MAC1 has launched operations in Turkey as an important step in its strategic growth. “We are delighted to continue our expansion in the Turkish market with the opening of our new office in Istanbul,” said Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1.

A2MAC1, an automotive technology leader headquartered in France, has opened its Istanbul office in Turkey.  A2MAC1 CEO, Frank Bunte, said at a press conference about the launch of the company’s Turkey operations that they have been supporting the Turkish automotive industry and the Turkish economy for nearly 20 years.

Explaining that A2MAC1 will support the earthquake victims with the strong social responsibility mission they have undertaken, Bunte said that they will donate up to 20% of revenues generated in Turkey throughout the rest of the year 2023, but at least 100,000 Euros, to earthquake victims and noted that they will contact AFAD for this purpose. Frank Bunte, CEO of A2MAC1, continued his words as follows:

 “The automotive industry in Turkey has significantly increased its competence in innovation. We are proud to be a trusted partner of more than 500 companies to support the industry’s success both in Turkey and internationally. Our motto is to always anticipate market trends and meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are delighted to continue our growth in the Turkish market with the opening of our new office in Istanbul.  This opening is an important step in our growth strategy. Our staff in our Turkey organization will provide innovative and high value-added solutions to our customers in a smarter, greener and more integrated way than ever before.”

Bunte said:

“For more than a quarter of a century, A2MAC1 has been a strategic partner for its stakeholders. As a global leader, we provide cutting-edge innovative solutions, market trends and growth opportunities for our customers. With an unrivaled database of over 40 million images and 3D models of more than 1,800 analyzed vehicles, we help manufacturers and industrial companies generate ideas, optimize designs and significantly reduce costs.”

Stating that A2MAC1 was established in 1997, Bunte stated that as a leading company in the field of benchmarking in 18 different locations around the world, they have more than 850 customers and more than 700 employees and that they aim to increase this number to over 1000 and that they will recruit in Turkey, especially in the field of engineering.

Frank Bunte stated that they have a platform with over 750 thousand users and that they basically produce solutions for their customers at the point of sustainability and digitalization, and continued his words as follows: “Our platform contains a lot of data about electric vehicles. The platform has the data of over a thousand vehicles and with this data pool, we predict how the future designs of automobiles will be. TOGG in Turkey also benefited from this service and contacted us at the first stage. While we provide service locally here, we will also offer comprehensive data to manufacturers. By showing the technologies inside the vehicles, we provide not only data but also technical support to our customers. We share the data obtained at the end of this comprehensive process with our customers. In addition, we offer our own platform and a digital copy of the vehicle is made on the platform. By clicking  on any part on the vehicle on the platform, we can see data about the part. At this point, the costs of the parts can also be calculated. We currently have around 10 customers in Turkey and we aim for this to be over 50 by end of 2023..” 

About A2MAC1

A2MAC1 is the world’s leading provider of competitive benchmarking insights and solutions for the automotive and mobility industry and beyond.  From technology trends, cost-performance, sustainability, market opportunities, supply chain options and software cost-value engineering, A2MAC1 is a pioneer in analyzing and transforming data into actionable, mission-critical insights.

With more than 700 employees worldwide (Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Thailand, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States), the group’s services are used by more than 750,000 people.  For over 26 years, professionals from the entire automotive and mobility value chain and beyond. Its unique, easy-to-use, proprietary 3D technology platform helps manufacturers optimize the design and materials of their products throughout their lifecycle, with a constant focus on decarbonization and innovation while ensuring continuous cost and value optimization.

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