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OLIGHT Unveils Revolutionary Pre-activated Proximity Sensor in New Flashlight Model

PRNewswire July 10, 2023

SHENZHEN, China, July 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OLIGHT, an innovator and leader in the flashlight industry, has achieved a major breakthrough in flashlight technology with the introduction of their industry-first Pre-activated Proximity Sensor, which is featured in the highly anticipated Warrior Mini 3. Released on July 5, 2023, this cutting-edge feature revolutionizes the user experience and sets a new standard for high-output flashlight safety and functionality.

The advanced Pre-activated Proximity Sensor demonstrates exceptional intelligence, by quickly detecting obstructions within a mere 0.5 seconds after the flashlight is abruptly turned on and set to high or turbo mode. Its system intelligently analyzes the user’s intent to activate a high brightness setting and will adjust the output power, ensuring optimal performance.

The sensor focuses on the initial 0.5-second period and does not constantly monitor the modes being used. This means that while the light is being used, users won’t have to worry about the sensor kicking in and changing the mode they are trying to use. In cases where the light is accidentally switched to high or turbo mode while obstructed at close range, the Pre-activated Proximity Sensor takes immediate action by automatically lowering the output, prioritizing user safety. However, when the light is used in high or turbo mode and encounters objects like raindrops or window glass, the sensor refrains from interfering with the intended output.

This Pre-activated Proximity Sensor represents the third generation of OLIGHT’s sensor technology,which significantly improves upon previous versions. It provides users with a seamless and reliable experience, effectively preventing accidental activation while allowing full power usage when required.

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