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Taiwan Alishan tea farmers have introduced new tea beverages under their self-made brand, ” THE ONE TEA,” and are actively seeking international distributors.

PRNewswire November 14, 2023

CHIAYI, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — THE ONE TEA comes from Taiwan’s Alishan tea farmers’ self-created brand. Adhering to the spirit of respecting the sky, loving the earth and making tea well, the careful and delicate pursuit of tea-making skills, aiming to make tea a beautiful accessory of life, making Taiwan’s good tea close to everyone’s daily life! Promise to drink good tea for you for a lifetime and let it spread for thousands of years.

Alishan Jinxuan tea produced by THE ONE TEA is of excellent quality and has won the appreciation of tea lovers around the world.

Alishan Jinxuan tea is a kind of alpine tea, famous for its unique aroma and taste. THE ONE TEA is strictly controlled in the cultivation, picking and processing process to ensure that each piece of tea maintains the best quality. Jinxuan tea can fully show its unique flavor and aroma. Tea experts and tasters praised the fresh taste, rich layers and long-lasting aroma of the tea. Its unique tea fragrance exudes fresh floral and fruity aromas, which is intoxicating. At the same time, Alishan Jinxuan tea has a mellow taste and floral fragrance. It is divided into tea, original tea bags, small iron cans, and exquisite gift boxes for tea lovers to choose from.

As one of the world-renowned tea production areas, Taiwan has always been a leader in the tea industry. In such an environment of tea culture, THE ONE TEA Alishan tea farmers’ self-produced Taiwanese tea, super milk tea and No. 5 pearl milk tea have emerged in the market. The tea products produced are loved by consumers and their brand’s success road shows the superb literacy of Taiwanese tea culture.

THE ONE TEA insists that each drink based on tea is an exclusive research and development formula and a professional tea-making mode, so that each cup of tea has a deep and exquisite design of a diversified and complete beverage formula, especially the single sugar-free Alishan Jinxuan tea with a refreshing and sweet taste and delicate tea soup. Let guests taste the fashion flavor based on tea.

BUYSHARE NOODLES is a brand established by THE ONE TEA. There is a story behind its establishment—the brand was founded by the third generation daughter of the founder of THE One Tea. She discovered that the most popular cold noodles in Chiayi, featuring local characteristic salad sauce, had a special sesame sauce and a crispy, delicious cucumber taste that was unforgettable.

The combination of drinks and cold noodles has been widely praised in Chiayi. The founder hopes that more people can taste such delicious food.

Now, THE ONE TEA and BUYSHARE NOODLES have become representative foods in the eyes of the people, attracting many tourists. The brand story is not only the presentation behind the product but also the display of the core values of the brand, adding a deeper charm to THE One Tea.

THE ONE TEA is a brand specializing in selling tea. There are tea bags, tea leaves, earhook tea bags, Towsi Black Tea, CHIAYI DRIP GOOD TEA BAGS have won the gift of Chiayi, Lanting Sequence charcoal roasting Oolong have won two Michelin stars. Many kinds of tea have won countless awards. Looking forward to one with you. Share the unique tea making process and professional blending skills, so that we can enjoy high-quality tea from Alishan together.

“Originating from the exquisite tea-making process and inheritance spirit, adhering to the spirit of making good tea, making hand-shake drinks is like cooking, and inheriting the spirit of hand-shake, shaking out every drink with a craft attitude. In the Chinese beverage world, we insist on presenting delicious drinks, self-respecting as a boutique in the hand-shake beverage industry, not following the tide, with innovation, interesting and cultural background, developing unique beverage formulas, and subverting consumers’ taste buds.” —-Founder Lin Yin Chiao

THE ONE TEA is actively seeking international distributors and has outlined specific strategies for successful collaboration:

  1. Market Research: Understanding target markets and consumer preferences.
  2. Training Support: Providing comprehensive training for distributors and marketing assistance.
  3. Promotion: Actively participating in international exhibitions and exploring local brand collaborations.
  4. Feedback Loop: Establishing close ties with distributors for customer feedback and product optimization.
  5. Competitive Terms: Offering competitive pricing and flexible trade conditions.
  6. Cultural Adaptation: Adjusting products and strategies to align with local cultures.

THE ONE TEA is currently looking for international agents with excellent product quality, huge market potential and competitive prices. Looking forward to win-win cooperation!

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