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Catch a Glimpse of The Madison Tributal Auction of Cuban Products

PRNewswire March 14, 2024

HONG KONG and BEIJING, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After almost one year of preperation, finally Madison Auction is prensenting this One and Only Cuban Product auction — Tributal Auction of THE LEGENDARY AND TRUE AFICIONADO’S COLLECTION on 23rd March in Hong Kong. The collection from the author of this book, and the collection that was written in the book. In this auction, we have 139 lots of the selected collection from Mr. Min Ron NEE, with a total estimate of HK$10,000,000HK$18,000,000. Moreover, Madison Auction offers some selected wines & spirits lots in this sale, hoping the carefully curated auction items bring more joy to you.

Mr. Min Ron NEE is among one of the most knowledgeable Habano connoisseurs in Hong Kong. His personal collection of Habanos can only be described as astounding. Discover a treasure trove of very limited humidors and the boxes of all those discontinued brands from Min Ron NEE’s collection.

This sale will be live-streamed on Madison Auction bidding platform (www.madison-auction.com/auctions) and the Madison Auction App (search ‘Madison Auction’ in your app store) at 3:00pm (HKT) on March 5th. Take advantage of the last few days to place your online absentee bid via the bidding platform and app.

As the first Hong Kong based luxury lifestyle auction house, Madison Auction (www.madison-auction.com) hosts auctions for the unique pool of high-net-worth clients from APAC and other regions. Madison Auction continues to accept consignments throughout the year for upcoming sales.

Happy bidding and good luck!



Lot 3020
1 Box,48 Sticks/Box (Leather humidor) | 38 x 152mm


This box is the original Cohiba named Laguito No.2 in 1969 and was the first ever given commercial name. Here comes the story about these 48 sticks of super rare Cohiba. It used to belong to a Hungarian General who visited Fidel Castro in the early 1970s, these two gentlemen sat down and smoked two sticks from the box. This box was given by Fidel to him and never touched again in wonderful condition.

To find this precious box, Min Ron Nee and his friend Nino tried very hard and finally brought it back home. A box of Diplomatic Cohiba Coronas Especiales with the first-generation Cuban products band represents the history of the brand and these two terrific gentlemen.


Lot 3031
1 Box, 20 Sticks/Box, Humidor | 47 x 235mm


This Cuban product was released in 1988 to celebrate Zino Davidoff’s 80th birthday back when Davidoffs were still made in Cuba. With a noticeable Cuban Davidoff label and was put in a well-constructed slid lid double side box. While two in this 20-count box come in wooden tubes, this was one of the unmistakable smokes. It’s the longest Cuban Davidoff ever made and every inch is still full of life. This box has an impeccable appearance, condition, and bouquet.


Lot 3044
1 Box, 50 Sticks/Box, Dress box | Size: N/A

It is a pre-revolution brand that appears to be made in the 20th century. All its indications show a high-end brand quality with the lithograph showing 8 gold medals. Back in the old days, brands showing 4 gold medals were already high quality and these 50 sticks with reasonably large sizes indicate their premium status.


Lot 3074
1 Box, 20 Sticks/Box, Carton pack, Semi Boite Nature type box | 55 x 233mm


La Escepcion is a discontinued pre-revolution brand, established in the 1850s. Production decreased in the 1980s and eventually discontinued in 1989. It was a sister brand of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand. The range comprised very full-strength Cuban products. This gem was officially discontinued in the 1980s. This Lot comes with a perfect cardboard box of 10 sticks of Diademas wrapped in aluminum foil, also individually covered in slide lid boxes.


Lot 3077
1 Box, 25 Sticks/Box, Slide lid box | 46 x 143mm


La Flor de Cano is a current pre-revolution brand, established in 1884. This brand is often hard to find due to the small production quantities, but it offers medium-intensity products and excellent workmanship in handmade sizes. Over the years, La Flor de Cano has become one of the most respected names in the world of premium Cuban products, with a reputation for producing some of the finest Cuban products in the world. After 1992, Habanos S.A. changed its category to a minor and smaller production tier which is very different from what it used to be. This box of Gran Corona was a 1987 release and discontinued in 1992, it is very rare.


Lot 3112
1 Box, 25 Sticks/Box, Dress box | 43 x 170mm


The Partagas Seleccion Privada No.1 is a Dalia format, produced in Cuba until 2002. This box was packed and ribboned in boxes perfectly, codes at the back of the box stated the production date is 2000. These Cuban gems were awesomely presented, and extremely well manufactured. It can be defined as a luxury 898. Not much more to say but a gem of real selection. This is considered one of the best Partagas cigars that have been ever made.


Lot 3114
1 Box, 1 Sticks/Box, Semi Boite Nature type box, Tubo | 49 x 633mm


A single Partagas products called the Visible Inmenso measures 495mm long with a 49-ring gauge. Believed to be from the 1960s, it comes in its own slide-lid coffin and glass tube. It is one of the rarest Cuban products in the world and is believed to be the largest official production size ever made, pre or post-Revolution. These are the only few post-Revolution specimens known to exist to date within serious collectors’ circles. And Min Ron NEE owns all of them. This is the most impressive long gems with a distinct animal smell and a projected smoking time of 8 hours.


Lot 3135
2 Box, 25 Sticks/Box, Metal tin | Size: Various

Tampa is known as a Cuban Products City for a reason. In the 1920s, there were more than 200 factories, mostly in Ybor City and West Tampa, making Tampa the global hub of the industry. Due to the 1960s revolution, this US brand can no longer order products from Cuba. This Tampa Havana Company gems deliver exceptional taste at an affordable price to consumers. These cans from Cuba were their first attempt to introduce the metal tin package with humipak inside. The sealed cans provide a stable and clean condition to the 25 sticks of cigars.


Lot 3139
1 Box, 50 Sticks/Box, Dress box | Size: N/A

This is an antique box of Cuben products from pre-Revolution, we can hardly find any information on the internet. A. Decoster La Gloria de Espana has a very small batch of production back in the old days. This antique box is called Mexique and it was a very regular size in that period. The general condition of this box is amazing and shows how professional Min Ron Nee takes care of his collection. 

1998 Jacques Selosse Millésimé Grand Cru Extra Brut

Lot 39
1 Magnum | Overall: Perfect | Other: Disgorged on 6th March 2008
Est. HK$ 17,000HK$ 30,000

This Back-vintage Selosse Millesime in magnum which disgorged in 2008, is the top of Champagne nowadays in terms of rarity, quality, and collectability.

1985 Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Musigny Grand Cru
Lot 128
1 Bottle, Overall: Great | Ullage: 2cm below capsule, Label: Slightly cellar damaged, US import
Est. HK$ 12,000HK$ 20,000

1985 Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Musigny Grand Cru
Lot 129
1 Bottle, Overall: Great | Label: Slightly cellar damaged, US import
Est. HK$ 12,000HK$ 20,000

1985 Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Musigny Grand Cru
Lot 130
1 Bottle, Overall: Great | Label: Slightly bin soiled, US import, Cork: Slightly sunken
Est. HK$ 12,000HK$ 20,000

Back-vintage of Mugnier Musigny Grand Cru in great condition is highly sought-after, and 1985 was a classic great vintage in Burgundy, making it more collectible.


Lot 146
12 Bottle, OWC | Overall: Great | Ullage: 1.5cm or better (Romanee St Vivant), 1.2cm or better (Richebourg), others perfect | Label: Very slightly bin soiled, US import | Other: 6,286 bottles produced (Romanée-Conti)
Est. HK$ 320,000HK$ 550,000

2000 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
Romanée-Conti Grand Cru (1)
La Tâche Grand Cru (3)
Échézeaux Grand Cru (2)
Romanée-Saint-Vivant Grand Cru (2)
Grands Échézeaux Grand Cru (2)
Richebourg Grand Cru (2)

DRC Assortment is always the darling of auctions. Don’t miss the chance to get the classic assortment from Burgundy’s best domaine.

Springbank 25 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8039
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Label: US import, Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 46%, Vol: 750ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 24,000HK$ 40,000

Springbank 30 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8040
1 Bottle, Overall: Great | Ullage: Base neck, Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 46%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 30,000HK$ 48,000

Springbank 35 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8041
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 46%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 38,000HK$ 60,000

Springbank 40 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8042
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 40.1%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt | WF 94
Est. HK$ 40,000HK$ 70,000

Springbank 45 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8043
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 40.1%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 48,000HK$ 75,000

Springbank 50 Year Old Millennium Limited Edition
Lot 8044
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Label: US import, Barrel type: Oak casks, Abv: 40.5%, Vol: 750ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 70,000HK$ 110,000

To celebrated the millennium, Springbank has released a set of 6 bottles ranging from 25 to 50 year-old, bottled in 1999, with the 50 year-old one distilled in 1954 or earlier! Madison Auction is honored to offer you this full set in this sale. Do not miss out this rare gem!

1978 Port Ellen 40 Year Old Casks of Distinction, #2116 bottled for Only One (唯一)

Lot 8061
1 Bottle, GB, Overall: Perfect | Label: China import, Bottled: 8th August 2018, Bottle number: 305, Barrel Type: Sherry Butt, Abv: 56.2%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt, 328 bottles produced
Est. HK$ 75,000HK$ 130,000

Diageo’s Casks of Distinction series has always been the top of the whisky bottling, and the Port Ellen Casks of Distinction is the king of this series, with no more than 5 casks ever released in the secondary market. This “Only One” bottle has been sold at nearly HK$200,000 in the auctions, but the starting price of this sale is only HK$75,000!

1990 Karuizawa 19 Year Old,#6446 for Whisky Live 10th Anniversary
Lot 8015
1 Bottle, OC, Overall: Great | Label: Slightly faded, Capsule: Wax, Bottled: 2009, Barrel type: Sherry butt, Abv: 60%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 24,000HK$ 40,000

1985 Karuizawa Single Cask, #7017
Lot 8016
1 Bottle, OC, Overall: Perfect | Capsule: Wax, Bottled: 16th October 2009, Abv: 60.8%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 24,000HK$ 42,000

1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 Karuizawa Noh Whisky Multi Vintages #1, Cask No. #6405 #4973 #8184 #6437 Selected by LMDW
Lot 8017
1 Bottle, OC, Overall: Perfect | Label: Very slightly scuffed, Bottled: October 2011, Barrel Type: Sherry Butt &, Bourbon Cask, Abv: 59.1%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt | WF 92
Est. HK$ 24,000HK$ 40,000

Among the few Japanese whisky lots on-sale, these 3 lots are rare to find with a friendly starting price. 3 bottles of Karuizawa are all started at HK$24,000, which also included Karuizawa’s iconic single cask (Lot 8016).

We continue to accept consignments for our next  Auction – Please contact us for an estimation on your collection.

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