A JB Hi-Fi bag (file image)
Scammers are falsely offering bargains at retailer JB Hi-Fi to dupe Facebook users. Image by Paul Miller/AAP PHOTOS

Scammers target Facebook users with $5 speaker offer

William Summers September 26, 2023

Electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi is selling high-end JBL speakers for $5.


False. The posts are part of a scam to siphon personal information.

Scammers are targeting Australian Facebook users with a claim major electronics retailer JB Hi-Fi is selling high-end sound systems for $5.

This is false. The posts are part of a scam that aims to collect Facebook users’ personal information and bank card details.

Facebook users should ignore or report suspicious posts.

The posts (screenshot here) claim JB Hi-Fi has ended its contract with US audio manufacturer JBL, leading to a knock-down price on JBL Partybox speakers.

“This exclusive promotion is open to all Australian residents,” the posts say.

The post uses a photo of a young man holding a JBL speaker while wearing what appears to be a JB Hi-Fi polo shirt.

The photo also includes what appears to be JB Hi-Fi signage bearing the $5 price tag.

A screenshot of one of the scam Facebook posts.
 The scam post is trying to dupe people into handing over personal information. 

A screenshot of the original image.
 The original image from a Swedish electronics retailer’s Facebook post. 

But a reverse image search reveals the JB Hi-Fi branding has been digitally added to the photo to give the appearance it was taken in one of the retailer’s stores.

The original photo – minus the JB Hi-Fi polo shirt and sign – was posted to Facebook by a Swedish electronics retailer in 2019.

Users who click the link in the scam posts are taken through to a suspicious-looking website that asks for personal information and bank card details.

Some fake posts display comments from people claiming to have already received their bargain $5 speakers, but the comments are mostly from suspicious Facebook accounts based outside Australia.

JBL Partybox speakers normally retail in Australia for hundreds of dollars.

AAP FactCheck has warned Facebook users about similar scam posts that falsely claim to be selling cheap barbeques, coffee machines or mattresses on behalf of well-known Australian retailers.

An Australian Competition and Consumer Commission representative previously told AAP FactCheck fake Facebook posts were intended “to elicit money or personal information from you for the purpose of identity theft”.

Scammers are making thousands of Facebook posts like this that encourage people to share them and/or click nefarious links.

That means you may be tricked into a scam or advertising a scam to your family and friends on Facebook without realising it.

That’s why it’s vital to know how to spot a potential scam post.


Treat posts appealing for help to find lost or found people or pets, offering extremely cheap or free products and services with caution if they include more than one of the following features:

* The person encourages everyone to share their post widely.

* They don’t provide their contact details or they ask people to send them a DM or PM (direct message or private message).

* The post includes only very vague details about the location of the person or pet, or the giveaway.

* If the account of the person posting is less than a year old, has no profile picture, has very few friends, or isn’t located in the same area as the subject of their post. This indicates their account is fake.

* If you can’t comment on the post because the person has disabled comments. This is done to stop people from warning others that it’s a scam.

The Verdict

The claim JB Hi-Fi is selling $5 JBL Partybox speakers is false.

The posts are part of a scam that encourages people to hand over their personal information and bank card details.

False – The claim is inaccurate.

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