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Doosan Robotics Unveils Max-Powered ‘PRIME-SERIES’ of Collaborative Robots at Automate 2024

PRNewswire May 7, 2024

The New P-SERIES Unleashes Efficiency with a 30 Kilogram Payload
and the Longest Reach of Any Cobot to Date

CHICAGO, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Doosan Robotics Inc., one of the world’s leading collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturers, unveiled its newest and most powerful P-SERIES (PRIME-SERIES) today at Automate 2024, bringing to the world of robotics the longest reaching cobot to date.

Doosan Robotics Unveils Max-Powered ‘PRIME-SERIES’ of Collaborative Robots at Automate 2024

Today’s P-SERIES announcement by Doosan Robotics was marked by a show floor unveiling of the new P3020 – the world’s most powerful cobot for palletizing in existence. The P3020 offers a payload of 30kg (60lbs) and reach of 2,030mm (80in), bringing the ability to palletize from floor to 2m high (stacking up to 10 layers of boxes approximately 8 inches tall) using its simple fixed base without a lift.

Doosan Robotics has successfully dominated the high-payload cobot market in the 20kg range and above, which includes advanced palletizing solutions. Since launching the H-SERIES in 2022, Doosan Robotics has attracted major global customers such as Schiphol Airport and Wacker Korea, significantly enhancing its global market share by 72%. This year, with the introduction of the P-SERIES, the cobot featuring the highest payload and reach yet, expectations are set to soar beyond previous achievements.

Additional key features of the P-SERIES cobot lineup include lower power consumption compared to similar payload cobots by applying its built-in gravity compensation mechanism, inherent wrist-singularity free, and a 5 degree-of-freedom movement with the 4th axis removed and 6th axis speed increased to 360 degrees/second. Doosan Robotics’ continued priority on optimal safety across its solutions is also fully present in the new P3020. This includes achieving the highest PL (e) and Cat 4 safety ratings to ensure both a max-powered and max-safety experience for users.

The motion platform company’s newly unveiled P3020 palletization cobot will be on full display (Booth #850) at Automate 2024 (May 6-9), alongside the company’s ready-to-sell solutions with best-in class partners in Machine Tending, Palletizing, Welding, and Food & Beverage services.  

Driven by its vision to elevate everyday experiences and redefine labor workflows, Doosan Robotics provides a wide, exceptional range of AI cobots aimed to bring about a paradigm shift across various sectors, such as palletizing, manufacturing, logistics, food & beverage, architecture, and service industries. These cutting-edge solutions transcend the constraints of conventional robotics, adeptly maneuvering through intricate scenarios while infusing tasks with enhanced efficiency, safety, and ingenuity. Moreover, the AI system boasts continuous learning capabilities, effortlessly updating its model by autonomously downloading required modules for smooth integration.

“As a motion platform company, Doosan Robotics is meeting the ever-growing need for cobots to mimic human motion, powerfully and safely,” said William Ryu, CEO at Doosan Robotics. “The robotics industry continues to grow at an exponential pace and our lineup of software, cobots and AI differentiates us in our mission to develop cobots with a ‘max-powered, max-efficiency, max-safety’ mindset.”

For more details and videos on the new P3020 cobot by Doosan Robotics, please visit the Doosan Robotics YouTube channel here. For more info, images, and other assets regarding Doosan Robotics’ Automate 2024 overall presence, please visit the press kit here or contact doosanpr@rcpmk.com.

Doosan Robotics is a global leader in collaborative robot solutions, embodying the principle of ‘Innovation in every motion, revolutionizing the way we work.’ Doosan robots, known for world-class safety and precision, enhance task efficiency across various sectors from manufacturing to service, enabling people to focus on more valuable work. More information about Doosan Robotics is available at https://www.doosanrobotics.com/en/.

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