75+ Photos Offer Evidence of ‘Paranormal Phenomena’ in the 15 Year Anniversary Article of the Metaphysical Articles blog

PRNewswire May 7, 2024

The article provides revelatory photos of long-overlooked, ignored or otherwise unknown evidence for extensively documented cases of transcendental communication and other ‘supernatural’ phenomena.

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The 15 Year Anniversary Article at the Metaphysical Articles blog is “75+ Authentic Photographs Offering Evidence / ‘Proof’ of ‘Paranormal Phenomena'”.  The photos involve such subjects as seance manifestations, UFOs/UAP/flying saucers, spirit photography, reincarnation, Marian apparitions, channeling and Instrumental Transcommunication.

This montage shows some of the photos shown in the article providing evidence of 'paranormal phenomena,' as detailed in previous blog posts readily available online at metaphysicalarticles.org. These examples document seance materialization phenomena; UFOs with a similar appearance witnessed in Oregon, USA (1950) and Rouen, France (1954); a 'bigfoot' photo taken in 1995 in western Washington state; and one of four instant Polaroid photos taken of a 'space robot' (1973) by an Alabama policeman.

Bell observes: “If the significance of this authentic documentation of paranormal phenomena can become fully comprehended on a widespread basis, international conflicts due to now-traditional military and materialistic cultural agendas can be overcome so that collectively humanity instead may instead focus on improving planetary ecology and resolving forms of social injustice and disparities worldwide.”

Bell is available to answer journalists’ questions and participate in interviews.  Recent blog articles include “UFOlogy: This Blog Is Making Known Proof of ‘Extraterrestrial’ Life for a 13th Year,” “‘Channeling’ Phenomena Evidence for Scientists, Journalists and Anyone Uninformed or Misinformed (Including 16 Example Videos)” and “20 Articles with Evidence of ‘Paranormal Phenomena’ that Can Alter One’s Perceptions about Life and Cosmology.”

About Mark Russell Bell

Between 2009 and now, Bell has written 725 blog articles at his noncommercial metaphysicalarticles.org blog.  He first became an author with the publication of the autobiographical paranormal case study book Testament in 1997.  Prior to then, Bell was a cinema major at USC and worked as a talent agent before becoming a Paramount Pictures publicity writer for 100+ movies, including “Braveheart,” “Fatal Attraction,” “Fire in the Sky,” “Forrest Gump,” “Ghost,” “The Godfather, Part III,” “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” “Star Trek” and seven Eddie Murphy movies.  He left behind his entertainment career to instead concentrate on helping people expand their understanding about metaphysical aspects of life.

Bell’s research of the paranormal includes his 1995 expedition to witness a contemporary ‘talking poltergeist’ haunting where the principal manifesting entity was known by the name ‘Michael.’  Bell encourages readers to reflect about how the Source for all forms of transcendental communication is also involved with human conscious creativity making possible commercialized media entertainment.

Bell hopes readers will consider forgoing accustomed yet forgettable entertainment experiences to allocate time to developing one’s metaphysical and spiritual understanding through learning about the variety of illuminating subjects presented at the Metaphysical Articles blog. 

SOURCE Metaphysical Articles blog

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